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David David L. Uschwald
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Clean Diesel Associates focuses on ways to address your new product launch, enhance your current product offerings, and reduce costs to improve your profitability.

Before Clean Diesel Associates

David Uschwald held increasingly responsible positions within the diesel engine industry for over 36 years

. Since beginning his career at Detroit Diesel Allison in 1973, his assignments have included industrial engineering, statistical process control, overseas project management, quality, supply chain management, and manufacturing. In 1991 he entered into the remanufacturing business for Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing Corp. as General Manager and Vice President. In 2004 he was assigned to Purem N.A. LLC as Chief Operating Officer involved with exhaust filtration systems, DPF and SCR technology. In 2007 he was appointed Director of SCR Infrastructure, leading Daimler Trucks North America towards a successful diesel exhaust fluids infrastructure launch for 2010.